Frequently Asked Questions

How come K-tel has so many tracks that the major labels also represent?
As well as K-tel's on-going acquisition of original hit recordings [whereby we buy the rights to the recording from the original owner] since the early 1980s K-tel has been taking artists back into the studio to re-record their hit songs. The K-tel staff actively solicits and licenses these new versions.

Why should I license from K-tel instead of the major label where a track is available from both parties?
As K-tel is a small, hands-on company, we are able to respond to your request almost immediately, without the need for a decision to be approved by several departments, which can take days, if not weeks.

K-tel is also in a position to offer you a more competitive deal, as we don't have to support a huge major record corporation with all the associated costs!

How long will it take to finalise a deal and get a master / credits and contract?
Once we've provisionally agreed a deal to the master and credits will be emailed to you immediately and a contract will be issued and posted to you for signature within a few working days.

How does K-tel know what's right for my project?
The A&R team at K-tel have a background that spans every single genre of modern music from the 1940s right up to today.

They know the Dominion catalogue inside out, and have a thorough understanding of what music is right for each product, be it a compilation album, a film or TV programme soundtrack or a background track for a TV commercial.

I have a particular track in mind, but its not listed in K-tel's catalogue - what options do I have?
Contact the K-tel team anyway as we may be able to suggest a similar alternative that is available from our catalogue.

Additionally, we have global contacts with a whole range of repertoire owners and may be able to broker a deal for the track you require on your behalf.

Finally, we engage a network of musicians and producers and may be able to supply you with a quality 'sound alike' recording of the required track.