Original Vinyl

Our K-Tel team has loved releasing thousands of songs on thousands of albums over the last 50 years! It has been an honor to have been the soundtrack of so many peoples lives. With vinyl making a come back, it seems like everyone is reminiscing about their childhood days when they picked up their first K-Tel record. This also seems to be stirring up conversation of how one compilation or another allowed many people to sink their teeth into great music for the first time. From talking about their favorite K-Tel releases, to providing a gateway to the classic K-Tel ads that were aired back in the 70s and 80s, people are still talking about K-Tel. Here is some of the chatter we’ve found online:

The Vinyl Voyage: an online radio show devoted to playing original vinyl. Also airing the program “Adventures in Vinyl” highlighting some K-Tel releases played in there entirety.


Some classic K-Tel commercials, like our Block Buster and Pure Power compilations as well as the Record Selector and Record Vacuum:


A review of the heavy metal compilation Axe Attack (damn we were cool, if we don’t say so ourselves):


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