The Monkees

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Back in the mid 1980’s K-tel released an album Hey! Hey! It’s The Monkees Greatest Hits. The album sales were going quite well, and The Monkees re-formed (without Michael Nesmith) and did a UK tour.

At the London Show in the Hammersmith Odeon a few members of K-tel Staff were lucky enough to be invited along, myself included.  The Show was absolutely brilliant – I had been a massive fan of The Monkees as a child and wanted – along with millions of others – to “marry Davy Jones when I grow up”!!!  The following Monday Jo Riggs, my assistant, and I were chatting about the band, and Jo happened to mention that she’d do “anything to actually meet the Monkees”.

I’m a great believer that if you want something to happen enough, then you can actually make it happen – so I got to thinking, what would be the best way to meet the band…and after a while I came up with my plan.

It was a Monday morning, and The Monkees were playing another gig at Reading on the Thursday evening.  I checked sales of the album – and they were in the region of 80,000 units – 20,000 units short of the sales required for them to get an official Gold Disc.

I went to see Peter Morris, the Managing Director of K-tel and said to him “if I can get sales up to 100,000 units by Thursday, can I get a Gold Disc made and can Jo and I go to Reading to present it to the Band”?

Peter didn’t believe this would be possible, but agreed to let me have a try anyway.  I confidently placed the order with the company that made the Gold Discs for us on the Monday afternoon, and told them it had to be delivered to K-tel no later than mid-day on the Thursday.

I then relocated from my normal office into the Telesales area and set about getting the whole Telesales Team on the phone to every customer they had on their list.  The Team did an incredible job, and by the Thursday morning the album had “gone Gold”…!

Towards the end of the Show that night, an announcement was made and Jo and I walked on stage with the Gold Disc and presented it to the Band.  It was quite a surprise to them, as they had no idea the album had reached the 100,000 sales mark.

It really was a thrilling experience meeting my life-long heroes, and will go down as being one of my favourite K-tel memories!

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