Gold Rush ’79

J.Jones, was kind enough to send us this missing album from our K-tel archives. Thanks for jogging our memory with this terrific vintage K-tel package.

“Gold Rush” was aptly named as eleven of the twenty four tracks on this compilation achieved gold record status. In typical K-tel fashion this double-album from 1979 is chock full of major pop/rock classics. Many of the ‘70s popular chart-topping groups are represented by their biggest hit – Blondie with “Heart Of Glass”, Gerry Rafferty with “Baker Street” and Rick James with “You And I”. This best-selling album also features many up-coming acts from the day like Amii Stewart, Orleans, Foxy and Firefall. All but one of the songs on “Gold Rush” was a Top 15 hit! (“Prisoner Of Your Love” by Player is the lone exception). Click here for a complete track listing.

If you see a missing album from our archives, please send it in!

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