K-tel Today

K-tel's name has been associated with great value and innovative products throughout the world for over 45 years!

We are widely recognised as being both the pioneers of TV advertised compilation albums and the company that introduced a multitude of household and convenience products to consumers on a global basis!

Through our hard hitting style of TV commercials the K-tel name has become one of the most recognised brands in the world today.

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1. Licensing from our Dominion Catalog

With over 6,000 recordings including many Billboard #1 songs, the Dominion Catalogue is a major source of content for:

  • Synchronization [Films | TV Shows | commercials | video games etc]
  • Premiums | Custom CDs
  • Finished audio products
  • Non-traditional products [such as greeting cards | teddy bears etc.]

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2. Digital distribution on global basis of music and books

K-tel is a leading digital distributor for independent labels, artists and publishers.

We supply audio, video and book content to the top digital retailers and mobile operators across the globe, reaching millions of customers.

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3. A range of audio CDs to suit your customers' requirements

We specializes in supplying an extensive range of compilation CDs, from single budget titles up to full price 10 CD box sets.

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4. A multitude of household and convenience products

K-tel continues to supply and market “As Seen On TV” consumer products

Quality is very important to K-tel, so we only market products we have tried and tested ourselves

All of our household and convenience products offer good value and exceptional quality

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